Benefit for Joe Honan

Joe Honan ALS Benefit with the Randy Hansen Band

Celebrate life with Joe Honan at a benefit in his honor with the Randy Hansen Band!

I have attached a flyer promoting a benefit for Joe Honan to be held on July 18.  If you do not know Joe’s story, read the information on the flyer and be inspired.  Joe and his family were Holy Rosary parishioners when his journey with ALS began.  Seldom if ever have I seen a braver response to such daunting news as I witnessed in Joe. Were I not so far away, I would certainly try to be present for this important show of support for our brother in Christ.  If you are closer and it would be possible, I would encourage you to show up and voice your encouragement and promise of prayers for Joe and his family.



View the Flyer front page.

View the Flyer back page.

From Joe’s flyer:

My name is Joe Honan and I am the father of a wonderful family. Our lives changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in December of ’04. Having to anticipate that I would be in a wheelchair and unable to walk, drive, or even speak in 2 to 3 years was frightening to my wife Ida, and our children. Even more concerning was the doctors’ predictions that I wouldn’t be alive after the same 24 to 36 month period. In retrospect we have been extremely blessed, spiritually, as well as from the support of our family and friends. It has been absolutely incredible to witness the depth of kindness displayed by those who care about us. Fortunately, my upbeat nature hasn’t been compromised. Indirectly, because of that, my family has been able to cope with life…and death…a little easier. I no longer can move my limbs, I certainly can’t drive, and my food is always formula, delivered through a tube in my stomach. I communicate utilizing a voice machine attached to my chair by using my eyes to type out what I want to say. My wife Ida also can’t work because she is my caregiver 24 hours a day. Last year you all came out to celebrate with me in Seattle; this year I hope to see you all in Tacoma at the Swiss for an awesome day of friends, rock, good food, and family!

– Joe Honan

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